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Haikus from Nowa Huta

from ‘haikus from Nowa Huta’

 poemalenta/ A

Nowa Huta, January  20/2012/ AM





I listen to her

when she talks

after midnight with her cigarette

and eyeglasses trembling slight,

Polish winter outside

here in the kitchen, radius

more importantly

I listen to the sounds

of water breaking

scattering again her body

as I sit writing while

she takes a shower at 11,oo Am

it is both logic and music

the clear crown of silence

Creative Commons License
haiku from Nowa Huta by Arturo Desimone is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

paintig in a museum of Nowa Huta near the church.

worker at scanmed, near piasht, far from Nowa Huta.


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Artist’s CV


Artist’s CV of Arturo Desimone






Awards so far:  2011 with a submission of 2 scenes from my stage-play Tattoo Moon, won the prize for theater writing in the El Hizjra Literatuurprijs literary contest in the Netherlands. The El Hizjra Literatuurprijs is a literary contest mostly for young immigrant and foreign writers who live in the Netherlands. It normally accepted entries in Dutch, Arabic or North African languages, I am the first to win with a piece in the English language. Other past winners of the contest include Hafid Bouazza and most of the generation of young Moroccan-Dutch and Middle-Eastern-Dutch writers








Poetry publications




Poem ‘Was it you’ in The Brown Critique, July Issue 2011




The Brown Critique, formerly also a print journal is a literary quarterly based in India. My poem Was it you is a love poem I wrote for a Tamil Indian girl.






My poem Women Activist’s in Tunisia, was recently published on the blog A Tunisian Girl of the Tunisian independent activist, journalist and university teacher Lina Ben Mhenni.


This poem will be reprinted in the Brown Critique journal.




On Lina Ben Mhenni:Her blog won an award from Deutsche Welle and Ms. Ben Mhenni was nominated for the nobel peace prize for her reporting and writing during the beginnings of the 2011 explosion of civil society that dethroned the dictator of Tunisia, Zineh Ben Ali




Agenda: Another poem will be in the March issue of Small Axe Salon, the literary section of the Small Axe magazine of Caribbean Cultural Criticism






Exhibitions of my Drawings (visual art)




2011 Trinidad and Tobago Erotic Art Week 2011


A selection of my drawings were in the Erotic Art Week of Trinidad and Tobago, in the Caribbean organized by Trinidadian dancer Dave Williams in 2011




“Why would you finish your work?” 


Mezrab exhibition December 3 2011 until February 17 2012


See my blogpost for information about Mezrab




A Rebel’s Diary: The Egyptian nude blogger Aliaah Maghda Elmahdy posted two drawings I made of her famous naked photo on the blog.




You can see them here:







  She was interviewed by CNN and her harrowing story ran on international news. After the fateful night I drew a polaroid glimpse of her nakedness as I sat in an Amsterdam ghetto, she published the drawings.


 A saying once quoted by Iraqi poet and singer Kathem El Saher goes: in the Arab world books were written in Egypt, printed in Lebanon and read in Iraq. These drawings were blogged from near Cairo.




AGENDA/Upcoming picture exhibitions




MAY in May 2012 a drawing I made to accompany an essay by literary theorist Bryan Reynolds will appear in Journal of Deleuze Studies (link where to obtain the journal




MAY Exhibition in the Virtual Gallery of Galerija Olympia based in Warszaw, Poland, opening in virtuo online




In June drawings I made for the theme of childhood and magical thinking will be in a collective exhibition taking place in Krakow Poland, organized by artist Kasia Wojdyla. The book will be in Polish featuring stories by Polish intellectuals on infancy and irrationality accompanied by the drawings of a diverse ensemble of Polish visual artists. My grandfather was a Polish Jewish engraver from a destroyed city in Silesia.




June 1 – June 22 (Space & Art is near Stare Miastow Square)



For the month of September my work will enjoy exhibition in the gallery of photographer, Mouvement magazine journalist and theater artist Katia Feltrin, in Paris (Paris France) (not Paris Texas)[dates and address later]




Other publications:




Journalism and drawings:




An article interview I wrote with a young Tunisian historian and student demonstrator, Ghassen Athmni, is in Issue 2: David and Goliath of the magazine Arseh Sevom The Civil Society Zine,  a journal for activists, often related to issues of Iranian dissent. You can read it online here:


For the main page of Civil Society Zine online :


The article has also been translated into Persian (Farsi)


I went to Tunisia as part of my research for a literary projet and to seek inspiration as well as revolutionary gaiety and a hope, following my rolemodels who were writers who did not resist the urge to go to Spain during the better hours of the democratic left in the Spanish Civil war.




UPCOMING/AGENDA: You can read my interview with music conductor and pianist Maria Segura Thijssen in the upcoming March issue of the Kapralova Society Journal of Women in Music, a scholarly music journal.


[for info see



I liked especially the Society’s back special issue about Clara Schumann.



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