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excerpt of art-and-revolution tract (written for exhibition theme Azul and Songs of Dangerous Love)





We are in a Time of funny games, now everyone is a protester or a revolutionary—but genuine resistance is impossible without passion, love, without total nonconformity, without danger, or Amoré, sexuality, mystery, or god. Yet many sympathizers and imitators of the new revolutions as represented in the media, and their propaganda, is for a revolution without any of these things, and which cannot tolerate art as real art cannot exist without using a lot passion, total nonconformity, danger, Amoré, beauty, sexuality, mystery, God, suffering.

The Artists have to do something about this. We have to take the empty riots of the managers and the hysterics  who rally for job security and scream about a crisis when they have already too much food to eat, and we have to inject up their tight ass-cheeks the new propaganda art that will make their revolution embodied and ensouled, as right now these revolutions are windless flying machines who will at some point kneel and bend down surrendering the funny games and picket signs before the Twin Crocodiles of Capitalism and Fascism.

A real art is unafraid of beauty. But if we depict the women revolutionaries in the Middle East the right way in our propaganda art, the Academics with iron-wrought Deadulus wings and Da Vinci helicopters will descend from the skies with lawsuits and complaints accusing us of lavish orientalism. Perhaps among their accusations will be that the Arab women are not shown to be identical to Western women in employment aspirations, and are instead presented in sensuality and divinity motivating their insurrection in the militant ghetto streets. The Academics will become just like violent theocratic post-God protestants,  smearing the drawings paintings and actors’s bodies and faces with cold Tofu when they see nude women who are not shaving their heads or shouting about neurotic genital monologues, when the nudes are not punk nor desiring to become capitalist vagina demagogues but simply women in the light of love and orgasm, in itself defiant,


 The revolution is not merely for self-improvement, it has an enemy and the enemy’s doctrine is widely spread into the tongues and minds of the young.

The enemy’s new religious morality is one without god or hyacinths or vesper-chants.



 Art must counter all that evil moral talk of fools who sound suspect, against all liberators who own several Masters Degrees, they simply changed the C note to a G key as they really have Master’s Decrees. There will be no more funny games, only drunken laughter and handprints in dried wine upon the walls papered with the ikons of amor and revolt.



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