Publication essay Arab Rites of Spring in new Unlikely Stories IV: Interdependency Issue

My essay-article Arab Rites of Spring based on observations of Tunisia during my sojourn there, is now in the new Unlikely Stories, Episode IV magazine which just went live. The Unlikely Stories Interdependency Issue has been released one week before presidential elections and concerning only topics that are unrelated to domestic US politics or the ongoing presidential elections and spectacle, to emphasize the importance of the rest of the world and its countries in crisis over what the American editors apparently deem are mediocre soap-operatics of US elections controversies. The enemies of mediocre democracies would like you to read, and insist you this issue of the Unlikely Stories. I also insist you read it, as I have encountered some wonderful stories, prose and nonfiction in this issue of the great Unlikely

(link to editor’s introduction)   (link directly to my essay Arab Rites of Spring)

As Jonathan Penton, senior editor and Martyr Alpha at Unlikely Stories says of this issue, read it and weep!

And thank the mother Ishtar of all idols and whoredoms for the lack of US patriotism in some superb critical literary gringos who edit.


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