Today thoughts Jewishness, Israel´s attack on Gaza

I am of Jewish origins and identify with these roots, or with my ancestors-

I could say this means that there is a moral capital on the political and activistic playing field of my saying that despite this secular jewish identity I will not support Israel in its many crimes. I have always opposed the crimes of the state of Israel against Palestinians and other Arabs and even its discrimination against its own “Mizrachi,” or Jewish arab citizens .
This is itself deceptive because it is interpretable as a sign that I am unafraid to show I am not patriotic to a fatherland in which I was not born, nor have I ever lived in this fatherland. I have studied the history of the country of Israel and the Zionist social movement because of its direct interest and relevance to my identity and origins. Having attended demonstrations against Israeli military campaigns and against Israeli politicians such as Avigdor Lieberman in recent years was out of my interest in the subject for these reasons related to my being Jewish, yet it was never out of a sense of moral responsibility. As a Jew born in Latin America and descending from the survivors and fugitives from persecution I cannot support a state waging progroms by jetplane, treating Palestinians the way the French treated Algerians or the way the Nazis treated the Poles (notice the left wing heresy here in that I do not say “the way the Nazis treated the jews” this in itself would be worthy of my being accused of Zionism if I had still been in the midst of any European activist crowds.  )
My interest in solidarity of any kind with Palestine, against the occupation under Israel is directly and totally related to the fact of my ethnic identity, that the identity of those who were the internally colonized of Europe and its racism now is transformed into the identity of Westerners, self constructed Occidental whites over brown Arabs. It is the theft of the Hebraic identity and its transformation from an essential mythology for survival and for ancestral memory into finacial capital for US imperialists. Nothing obliges me as a Jew to oppose Israel, because I cannot be an internal critic or conscientious objector solely and merely by being Jewish, I am not a dissenting colonist but a faraway blood relative of my cousins in Jerusalem and elsewhere in Israel. My interest is directly related to the historical memory that Jewish socialist emancipation movements once existed which felt that the European Jew is a Middle Easterner in terminal exile, Europes abused orientals who must found a socialist society outside of Europe and who did not seek to act as colonizers over Arabs and Orientals.
These movements have been reduced to obscurity and are archaic paleontology now yet I know my ancestors were in such political institutions. It is plain to see in the fact that Noam Chomsky can still today say he is a Zionist and sees no contradiction in being one of the foremost critics of Israeli oppression of Palestinians.
I have seen how anti semitism is once again becoming posh in the recent few years and is growing in fashion,  more  acceptable both among the middle class intellectuals and in right wing populist movements such as that of the LePens.  There is no new anti semitism but the old antisemitism of Christian and European nativist origns, which when bringing up its arguments against Jews outside of Israel will refer to the recent actions of the very real Israeli tyranny in Gaza. I know they will use the memory and imago of Gaza in such a way as to add legitimation to their attitudes towards Jews.    Real anti semitism will treat any Jew who had nothing to do with Israels actions as the provincial boy who cried wolf ; and  whenever a Jew will meet the opposition of a real anti semite in power relations the latter will bring up the history of the Israeli´s abuse of history. These will be foreseeable PR moves of moral capital and blackmail just as the imagery of the holocaust commemoration has been reduced to a weapon used against the Arab-  I will aknowledge no justice or legtimitacy in the abuses by use of moral capital, whereas  the antisemites will simply say that what comes around goes around, the proverbs of the provinces married to the cynicism of the financial city and media consumed mind.


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