Full page article in Clarin Ciudades and other news /Articulo en el periodico Clarin y mas/links

The Argentinean writer Laura Ramos met me at the opening of her art exhibition and sent her winged assistant to do an interview, it turned out this would be for a full-page article in the Argentinean newspaper Clarin which has an estimated daily audience of 3 million (though I assume more than half are for the futbol/sports sections) Her article written within the process of interviewing me on email and collecting bits of information came out like a fairy tale and was in the Sunday edition of the print newspaper as well as online in Clarin ciudades, see a link here :

The title is Spanish for “The Revolutionary Tourist” my suggested title.

On another note my poem Hebrew For Beginners, 1 A, an educational poem was published
in Jewrotica. If you have any interest in learning Hebrew or in making love to a Hebrew read it at http://jewrotica.org/author/arturo-desimone/

My short short story Requiem For Ouafa Hind was published in the new Brown Critique, literary quarterly of New Delhi. http://thebrowncritique.blogspot.com Scroll down past the translations of erotic poems from an Assamese poet and you will find my Requiem which is shorter than Mozart’s Requiem. This not a Hebrew erotic story but involves eroticism, sex and Koran lessons and a post-revolutionary Tunisia, another gift of fate to the revolutionary tourist.

My poem Good Morning Midnight Mass is in Hinchas de Poesia, the pan-American, bilingual literary journal, see a link here http://www.hinchasdepoesia.com/wp/good-morning-midnight-mass/

and the poem Stopover in Rome on the Way to Buenos Aires was chosen for a forthcoming e-book of The Original Van Gogh’s Ear Poetry Series, the blog with ”previews” is here: http://theoriginalvangoghsearanthology.com/2013/03/16/stopover-in-rome-on-the-way-to-buenos-aires-by-arturo-desimone/

The Original Van Gogh’s Ear Poetry Series was a print literary journal originally co-founded in Paris by none other than Allen Ginsberg and Ian Ayres some decades ago, thankfully it was reinvigorated after having vanished from this earth for some years when we were stuck with Sarkozy.


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