Updates recent publications and writing news

The Poet’s Basement, poetry-pages of the radical left wing magazine Counterpunch has published
a series of my poems called Letters to Karl Marx
In September check the pages of the journal Mobius, Literary Journal of Social Change for my story
This is an interview with a very bright radical mind, my fried O who is in the Opposition network against the tyranny in Azerbaijan which has recently been (preposterously) hailed by the EU as a transparent democracy safe for trade ( though they are thankfully divesting from Israeli settlements the snide Europeans diversify the market of oppression elsewhere) The Baku resistance movement is leftist in spirit, but believes in an enlightenment, pedagogy of the oppressed and translating Stefan Zweig into Azeri, wow.
Back to prose and poetry:
The new issue of Big Bridge has published my story Eurydyka of the Krakow Tourist Information Center short-short-story from Krakow, I wrote it in 2011 http://bigbridge.org/BB17/editorschoice/fiction/Arturo_Desimone.html 
Big Bridge edited by Michael Rothenberg has become reknown. This issue has poets from India, Latin America, Eastern Europe.
My poem titled “I Cannot Live Here in the Nethenmark” was recently in Soul-lit, Journal for Spiritual And Poetry, http://www.soul-lit.com/poems/v5/Desimone/index.html
(luckily this was published just when I am getting strict letters of reprimand and debt from the damp and inescapable land of bailiffs )
My poem Travel by KLM is in Acentos Review, journal concerned with Latinos who write in 
Travel by KLM in Dutch translation is in Ex Ponto.
The poem “Inter-Fractalactic Occurences”  in Hinchas de Poesia can be read at http://www.hinchasdepoesia.com/wp/poesia/inter-fractalactic-occurencies/
(after volume nine which had  Good Morning Midnight Mass http://www.hinchasdepoesia.com/wp/poesia/good-morning-midnight-mass/

More to come.


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