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There is a tiny flaw in happiness, which renders it potentially worthless:  money buys it.  I have witnessed happiness, yet not participated in it.

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September 28, 2013 · 6:40 pm

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September 26, 2013 · 1:07 am

facebook speculation

 facebook serves as one more accumulator of the past. It is based on a presupposition seemingly rational, self-aware of psychology, that to repress and not see the past would be to allow oneself to be haunted. Rather than repression, allowing a visibility might require less effort of destruction and concealment, providing the illusion of continuity; of not hiding, un-ostrich-like behavior; one is responsible for a web of contacts from forgotten years whose associations are either meaningless or sentimental. It is a chain thrown over to reveal shape and penumbra, the collection of a palace of phantoms in blue and white hellenic marble.

Yet this is actually a superstitious mentality, and rather than live with the occasional imago or phantom of the vanished and abandoned–be these sweet or unwanted–there is the hope of escape from the painful flashes of memory, by instead assembling a makeshift cathedral full of sainted photographs and images of those who, by having an accepted friend request, can feel they are not forgotten, not severed

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news publications updates

My poem “My Internet Search for Freedom” is forthcoming in The Transnational, a literary magazine branching from the Postpoetry foundation in Berlin. Poems in the online Transnational, I hear, have a good chance of getting into print. Check their website in the weeks to come, or better, buy the print journal.

The short short story “Dances of the Solar Ostrich Men” which I adapted from some pages of my travelogues in Athens, Greece is in the online lit journal Mobius: The Magazine of Social Change, see here

Buenos Aires Reader is a literary blog in English (also bilingual) based in Argentina, edited by Rick Powell. My poem on the literary blog Buenos Aires Reader is

to be found here:

Shana Tova. Tashlikh, my poem I wrote for the Jewish new year Rosh Hashanah is in Jewrotica! the web-magazine of erotica with Jewish themes


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before the cylindrical Razzia

before the canned razzia insecticide

the spiderwebs that the previous resident had installed

somehow did the work, the cockroaches emerged from

the wet Pampas autumn, but remained small

I bought the little roach motels

one day the supermarket Chinese were out of the little black roach motels

I bought the Raid cylinder and

after a week of using it, the technology of the spiderweb acoustics

seemed no longer operative, like abandoned machine propellors

of Teotihuacan, to which the instructions were lost or ineligible,

can longer make stone cities float in lake winter

the cockroaches are a bit bigger now,

they have a different pattern on their ugly wings, and I hate them much more.
Creative Commons License
after the razzias by Arturo Desimone is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
Based on a work at
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at

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En su articulo / nota en Clarin la escritora Argentina Laura Ramos me retrata como un fugaz Martin Fierro histerico-realista, menciona tambien mi libro de narrativa K.L.F./ Knowledge Liberation Front, basado en experiencias en paises en revolucion, K.L.F. cual busca un editorial actualmente. El titulo de la nota en Clarin por mi invencion del Turista Revolucionario, la tema de K.L.F.

Su nota usa hechos verdaderos de mi vida y sus muchos momentos siniestros para hacer un cuento estilo Tim Burton. Es lectura recomendable. 

Link a Clarin arriba.. KLF es un libro escrito en Ingles, yo escribo en Ingles pero me gusta ser traducido al Castellano, al Polaco, Uzbek y Persa. La nota de Ramos en Clarin es en Castellano, disfrutenlo.


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September 10, 2013 · 2:50 am

thougths, Autumn of the Patriarch: Why the US government wants war with Syria


It has nothing to do with gassed Syrians any more than the two gulf wars had to do with the Iraqis (Iraqi Kurds) against whom Saddam Hussein had also used chemical weapons.

The real interests are

1. The United States wants to show that despite its image as an autumning imperial power with the rise of competing imperialisms like Russia and China, that it is still

alive and kicking in its ability to police the world. It is in a territorial show down with Russia, whereas no one had opposed the US since the Cold War as Russia (despite

Russia being as much an immoralist and concerned with resources over human bodies in its dealings with Chechnya)

2 . Weapons of Mass Distraction. There is an urgency for the hysteria of humanitarian intervention. The hawks who applaud Jean Francois Hollande and Cameron would ask

why there is no intervention in Egypt–as Egypt had dominated international news before the question rose to the fore of attacking Syria to compensate for Assad’s chemical weapons.

It is possible that United States needs to distract the world of media hysteria from the fact that the West has decided to support a military coup regime in Egypt.

Morsi had carried out a despotic and arrogant rule persecuting any Egyptian who differed from his politics–which involved the new phenomenon of Islam Inc,

of Islamism supporting extreme economic liberalism exploiting the lower classes who had been their support base. Morsi persecuted any artist, intellectual, religious believer

or dissident not in line with salafi and Islamist conformism.

Millions of Egyptians protested against him asking him to resign after he violated his promises–this is a democratic act, the people have a right to ask a president who

betrayed them to resign, and they had voted for him because after the revolution there was no alternative party to that of the overthrown oppressor Hosni Mobarak (let out of prison under Morsi) other than the Muslim Brotherhood party.

When the Egyptians asked for a democratically elected president who turned into a megalomaniacal dictator to resign, the last expectation on the minds and hearts of many of these protestors could have been what the Wall Street Journal said in its article headline that “Egypt Needs a New Pinochet.( )

A war on Syria is necessary to distract as the United States switches its position on Egypt, has corrupted and stolen the Arab Spring, and is now trying to favor an Egyptian Pinochet–

it all happened so fast, the world’s media was paying attention as a military junta arose that might favor the US, which is not supposed to happen. Enter the fraud, the new

performance of so-called humanitarian intervention in Syria (humanitarian intervention in violation of all international legal principles since the age of Cicero through the Geneva convention until today)

The united states in its autumn, it wants to show it is not an impotent emperor and needs a standoff, whether yet another country is destroyed is irrelevant.

*(photo of Kerry having dinner with Assad, courtesy of Hamid Dabashi’s facebook page)

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Reading an interview in The Quarterly Conversation I came across this interesting quote from writer Abdellatif Laabi: “There’s something archaic in the function of the poet that we should never abandon. It’s an archaic art. In poetry, we find the first expression of human emotions: anger, fear, doubt, etc. Human memory has been conveyed by poetry. And it’s also true that in its original, almost archaic, function, there was something prophetic about it. “



The interview in its entirety can be read here:

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A tiny component of hell exists in not having an agent.

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September 2, 2013 · 7:45 pm