Article on the situation of xenophobic European nativism in the Balkanist blog (link above)

In Europe of the twenty-first century, democracy has failed. Liberalism has at the essence of its politics the idea that majoritarianism or rule by a majority that determines the freedom of the minority is undemocratic. Partly then the success of ethnocracy and European ethnic majoritarianism, which has been called ‘nativism’, in the 21st century arises because the nation state with selective immigration policies is totally incompatible with democracy. Because these countries adopted a much harsher immigration policy than, for example, the Germany that had once well-assimilated Turkish immigrants, by keeping immigrants out and away from the right to vote they can maintain the success of the anti-immigrant politics. The major parties in a country like the Netherlands, such as the PvDA, Labor Party, are directly to blame for having built the most detention centers and the toughest anti-foreigner policies. The xenophobia of the core consensus have assisted the success of the right wing Freedom Party, and the Freedom Party helps the extremism of the center, by making it seem as if there is a ”moderate” or politically mild center. The center is an illusion for which the avant garde charlatanism of the Freedom Party and its leader Wilders are the conjurers; the differences between right and and center-progressive remains are mainly rhetorical. The heritage of Protestant toleration has given way since a long time for expressions of ethnic democracy.

And on OpenDemocracy a highly informative article:


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October 16, 2013 · 8:20 am

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