meditatio 377# reflecting on drawings, poems

Despite living in the modern age and not having any faith or religious morality, I am incapable of any disbelief in the existence of a soul.

My poems often concern a rebellion. They are often angry and at once archaic, of longing, political but of a politics that I feel and that I have heard belongs to a lost era and a future that should have arrived much sooner.

I believe anger is less interesting if it is denying that its undercurrent, its feeding earth is sadness, pure anger without acknowledgment of grief, even if artificially politicized can be uninteresting and immature.

A poet has to know feeling the same way a musician has to know his chords and melody (of course music and poetry both are essentially about feelings, yet coming from an invisible world) Poetry stresses musicality. Poetry by my understanding must have something always to do with rythm and musicality.

I am interested in the sadness of the defeated, in their reality and not in their patriotism or in upholding politicized illusions. The Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish had said he is more interested in Troy, than in Athens; he wanted to find the lost poet of Troy. The rebellion of one who knows he was already defeated is interesting to me, the forceful rejection at once of cynicism and of pleasant delusions.



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