update: collaboration with Reynolds/Bryx in the JEMCS 14 vol. 2

dibujo 320121210132009_001

Every so often I receive a skype-call from my friends the philosophers Bryan Reynolds and Adam Bryx , requesting that I draw a companion-piece to one of their essays on cultural and literary theory. One of these collaborations made the cover of the Journal of Deleuze Studies, edited by Gary Genosko, published by Edinburgh Press in 2012 (order the book here)

The most recent collaboration is for their provocative article criticizing the current state of Shakespeare Studies. Here on the blog you can see the drawings in full color, in the journal for some reason they appear in black and white . The  diptych is titled “URLy Modern Conquests” At last minute I received notice from the manager-publisher that these drawings  (despite the importance of color in the diptych) could now only be allowed to appear  in black and white and not on the cover. This seeded a frustration at the technocracy that seeks to transmute a colorful painting into leaden grays which eventually led to this poem :

I envied Goya, who was scolded by obsidian-frocked Jesuit lectors, Catholic physicians and budget-fraud inspectors

who said Francisco, surely a Jew

needed paint over with black tar only the erect giant prick of his Saturn , in “Saturn devouring his son,”

as the cock of  Father time-is-money Xhronos

might have angered constituencies

of monastic students concerned with identity politics,

conceptual martyrdom on their domes, with hysteria, flak, threat

strain the red pencil of  campus president who budgets

the Vatican Bank’s proud cashflow pipeline that penetrated

tamed asses of  Valladollid  and up learned

and nuanced hemorrhoids of Via Dolorosa.

I prefer to draw my own gallows

than to make myself useful to the unsmiling unvirile correctors

But then I felt obliged to sing surely it is about printing costs

and continue working for free, for my own exposure

in medieval village squares that are gray

under the false-oasis green of campuses

maintained by its gardeners turned editors


Look at the diptych below, then please rush to  read our collaboration in  the carefully crafted  JEMCS 14 , Journal of Early Modern Cultural Studies from Pennsylvania U Press  2014  available at most English department libraries.


dibujo 320121210132009_001

Diptych lower half, lovers from the right: Iago, Othello, Desdemona, Tamara getting a neck rub from Lavignia.

Diptych lower half, lovers from the right: Iago, Othello, Desdemona, Tamara, Lavignia, URLy modern conquistadors/academic hipsters.Upper half: Romeo, Juliette, hidden merchant of Mantua, Cleopatra




One of my favorite paintings by Francisco Goya. It was recently discovered that the church later commissioned an auxiliary craftsman to  carefully paint over the erection of Saturn with a black void in Goya’s work.


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  1. Thanks, always, Arturo! You inspire me. Bryan


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