Aristophanes’ gender myth

Aristophanes in Plato’s most poetic work Symposium (or The Drinking Party) announced a night myth, that before love the world mud clod was populated by giant androgynes, these were torn apart and try to find one another as lovers. Androgynes composed of a man and woman, two men, two women. Perhaps the current fascination with erasing all traces of gender roles and adding new categories to the imbecilic drop down box of 50 genders in facebook has something to do with the dystopian world of pygmies who have found themselves at the end of love, the collapse of all balconies under caterpillar tractors for being ‘kitsch” and ‘inappropriate”, poets buried in recycled coffin cedar-wood of crushed guitar, the rise of selfish androgynes who defeated the moon of love that pressed fear into their navels.


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