At the base of fascism, at the base of totalitarianism, is a kind of engineered thoughtlessness, according to Hannah Arendt’s Origins of Totalitarianism. The inability to think, to allow things to become normal that should be viewed with horror. Censorship against artists, murder of caricaturists, drowning of immigrants, selling off of universities to be replaced by managers, the erosion of freedoms, the right of every doctor lawyer and dentist not only to fancy himself a great novelist, artist, poet or writer but also to be taken seriously as such, the bureaucratization of all levels of social life, the trivialization of anti-semitism, the drowning of arabs, the intentional inversion of traditional forms of sexism and racism as if these are ”emancipatory’ and sensational ”empowerment”, the destruction of entire countries in the name of either debts or counterterrorism or their liberation, and their replacement by companies, the vilification of intellectuals by inferior intellectuals.


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