The Migration Backwards (link to an article I wrote published in Counterpunch Magazine weekend edition)

“”The Dutch newspapers like Volkskrant run headlines with the slogan “Minder Minder Minder!” “Less! Less! Less!’’ as if they are burdened by the stench and density, the intolerable presence of the foreigners. The columnists and reporters present it as a matter of common sense. What is most counter-intuitive, unnatural and modern is presented as human logic and timeless morality: they did not create the problem, therefore it is not their responsibility if the hordes drown in the sea. When in history was port denied on such a massive scale? During the 17th and 18th centuries the colonies provided a gateway for those who wanted to flee to refuge or disappear if they could no longer subsist within Europe or if they sought any avenue of escape from the nation-states-wars and persecution.””

Continues at  Counterpunch, Weekend Edition!


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