Here is a hypothetical situation that becomes unnecessary with so many real examples in the countries devastated by wars today like Iraq and Syria: If the Mossad or an American missile had attacked a newspaper like Al-Ahram in Egypt and killed 15 journalists, and afterwards a pundit on the Israeli or the US news channels had attempted to justify the killings by pointing to a supposedly anti-semitic or anti-Zionist cartoon running in their newspapers, it still would not have made such a murder less than an atrocity, less than a total tragedy and a violation of freedoms. For this reason the condemnation by non-Francophone, French-illiterate writers and left-wing intellectuals of Charlie Hebdo after the February attack, while the corpses were still cooling, was a parodical inanity that has shown how authoritarian, dogmatic and forensic the articulate Left commentary machine, spurred by academia, has become as it manifested in the opinion columns of European newspapers and in the blogosphere, echoing in the letter written to protest the Pen award. Either one joined in on the grotesque circus of ”je suis charlie”, hosted by the centrist parties and war-profiting world powers, or one stood with ”the left”: in condemnation of the dead bodies of cartoonists (some of whom were either French Arab or who left a French Arab widow) while ignoring completely the victims of the attack on a Parisian kosher supermarket the next day.

The left could have instead united in pointing to all the writers and artists in the Francophone Muslim world who come regularly under attack by Salafists with the identical ideology and affiliations as the two brothers who rampaged in the cartoonist’s office; but only the leftists in some Arab countries partook in the more necessary and more courageous condemnation. The columnists so eager to put quotation marks on the right to offend, forget that Hebdo was first shut down for mocking Mitterand’s funeral and therefore obviously picked fights with the powerful and not only with the discriminated marginalized people in the banlieus. It is cause for alarm that satire is not understood by today’s left wing intellectual and is taken out of context or censored for its power to offend is another sign of how far the left has dwindled from days it stood by the beliefs of Voltaire, that of ”I may hate what you say but will defend, unto death, your right to say it”


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