thoughts about religion and democracy

No religion can or should be expected to be made to be consistent with modern liberal democracy. Such an expectation of a religion is as violent as the extremism of IS criminals defacing and ruining ancient statues in former Mesopotamia. Religion, like poetry (one of these originated the other) can also not be made consistent with liberal or neoliberal democracy. There is no Green Party poem or Social Democratic poem and no consciously intended ”feminist” poem, except in an totalitarian speculative scenario. Poetry and religions concern the most primal expressions and ancient human drives. If such a chameleonic religion came into being, a religion compatible so perfectly with neoliberal democracy, a religion that did not make the traffic in Paris stop on a friday, or that failed to disgust the good secular Anglo-American middle classes (the protestants and anglicans) of California with the sight of flamboyant and flowery saints or weeping, a religion that could be sanitized–that would mean a religion-sans-religion, a faceless humanoid golem, and without any poetry of the older or ancient religions. Such a construct would prove more authoritarian and deadlier than the most extreme days of the medieval catholic church or the inquisition. For this reason, the demand that was so prevalently heard coming from liberal establishments, particularly in Europe but also in the United States over the years, that faiths (particularly one religion, Islam, as well as Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism and Bhuddism) prove themselves adaptable or prove themselves machines that are useful to liberal democracy, was a polemic that became an industry of violence. That repetitive polemical industry of integrationism of relgion, heavily involving the press media, has bred a devastating monstrous weapon. Political Islamism and its sympathizers (not merely “ISIS” but also those of the moderate, soft left, for example Sadiq Khan, the UK labour party politician who is now character-assassinating Jeremy Corbyn); the New Age religiosity of the careerist neoliberal society; the Orientalist defence of Islamism prevalent among the Left, liberals and greens, all form some of the manifestations of religion-bred-for-neoliberal-democracy, tested and tried in Europe and the United States.


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