The Ministry of Plastic Surgery and Culture (article in CounterPunch)


Propaganda Poster--Coalition of the Anti-Viagrans clamp down on refugees

link to article in CounterPunch magazine

Drawing: political caricature about Dutch politicians: ”Coalition of the Anti-Viagrans: Marc Rutte, Halbe Zijlstra the minister of plastic surgery, Jeroen Dijsselboem eating an ice-cream on Greece, Geert Wilders, and the impaled head of Benito Mussolini.” 2015

“The German high court decided that deporting the Syrian and Eritrean refugees was unconstitutional. Chancellor Merkel, decidedly anti-immigrant and a builder of Fortress Europe policies, had little choice while governing a country where most citizens understand the fine print of democracy, including the sovereign decisions of the supreme court. In European Union countries such as Denmark, Hungary or the Netherlands, democracy has been subverted by xenophobic and technocratic politics, and the judiciary no longer makes any sovereign decisions unless these are permitted by the immigrations police or by business.

“The European Union is a pact based on greed, cloaked in the language of ”sustainability” and jargon, consisting of the many member-states who marveled German economic superpower to such an amazing extent, that they have agreed to surrender into becoming provinces of German superpower. (Economist Joseph Stiglitz suggested the overnight solution to economic crisis in the Euro: Germany’s stepping out, as it has no rival, and then stability would return.)

“Many pro-German EU countries are totally unlike the German society. They have given over to a culture where political campaigns are achieved primarily by television and consumer ad-marketing. Having surrendered their cultural and educational investments as well as their democratic constitutions, they happily sign up for becoming provinces, rather than independent sovereign nations.” Continue reading my fourth article in CounterPunch Magazine


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