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Animal fable in Polish translation

My animal fable “The Journey of The Special Bird” translated into Polish by Ewa Chudoba and with drawings in color, got published this year as a bilingual booklet by Miniatura editions, a Krakow indy publisher in Poland. Ewa teaches Polish literature at Krakow Jagellonica university. (The ideal specific audience I had in mind when writing the fable, was one of children and grownups, more specifically, unhappy children who long to be nomadic and adults who look at birds–however, art aims universal) Many thanks to Miniatura for getting the drawings in color and making the bilingual book.

Horacio meets the special birds from the allowed proximity.jpg



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“Macht” group exhibition in Vriend van Bavink Gallery Amsterdam

Opening of the group exhibition Macht (Might) in the art gallery Vriend Van Bavink in Amsterdam, a show of 10 artists in which I take part with drawings. February 5th.

Link to the gallery’s website here




In Dutch, article in the Netherlands newspaper “Trouw” about the exhibition (by Katinka Simonse)


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Master of Liquid Devices: Review of Hito Steyerl’s retrospective exhibition in Berlin

“Master of Liquid Devices” is my article criticizing the video-art of German-Japanese artist Hito Steyerl, in the the Dutch art criticism magazine Mister

Master of Liquid Devices: Review of Hito Steyerl’s retrospective exhibition in Berlin

“During the most recent edition of the Berlin Art-Week, the video and performance artist Hito Steyerl had a retrospective of her most recent video-art installations, showing at the KOW institute’s gallery in the incredibly hip Brunnenstrasse.

The theme for the show, as repeated by Kow’s publicity, was the echoing of Bruce Lee’s command ”Be Water, my Friend!” Much of Steyerl’s work deals with ”liquidity”, or the way in which societies and individuals become liquefied, without steady form or substance, in a world of financial instability and violent spectacular changes. 

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Poem in The Mindless Muse anthology

My poem “Despite my best intentions of arriving late to every meeting, There is Fetal Clock Nascent in me” is published in The Mindless Muse anthology, produced by the Kind of a Hurricane Press. Thanks to the editor Amy Huffman. (I think the biographical note used here is an older version.)

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Poemas de Carlos Juárez Aldazábal

El Vendedor de Tierra



Este autor prefiere las corolas
y escribe poemas sin espinas.

Yo no digo corolas.
No hay semillas
que broten desde el mármol
ni girasoles decorando las lápidas.
Pasto seco, nomás, pasto y más pasto,
caminatas y lluvias para no entristecerme
por la corola insulsa.

Ayer me enamoré de una estudiante
vendedora de libros.
Leímos unos versos de Lihn sobre la muerte
y ella los comprendió,
a pesar del bolsillo sin monedas.

Después se apareció el odio bravo,
el odio corralón, el que junta las culpas,
las vende, las reparte,
el que no cuenta por qué llega de pronto:
el odio reservado.

Y al frente yo, con la estudiante
leyéndome poemas de su autor favorito.

Entonces recordé que en la camisa
me quedaba un billete
y dije “envuélvalo”, y tuve un libro,
y ese libro hablaba de corolas.

(Poema inédito)



En Salta creemos

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