Articles “Those who Dwell Among the Rocks” and “Party of Oblivion in Argentina” in CounterPunch Magazine

My piece on the first 100 days of the Cambiemos right-wing government in Argentina–the attack on labour,  capitulation in court to Paul Singer’s hedge funds, the mysterious death of Massar Ba, political persecution of opponents such as Milagros Sala–is in the new issue of CounterPunch , Volume 23 -2, which can be purchased in the Counterpunch store, linked to here

An earlier piece on the transformations in Argentina was published in Democracia Abierta, in English and in Spanish, ‘The War On Memory Begins in Argentina’ can be accessed at this link

‘Those who dwell amongst the rocks” is my article giving an extremely-brief history of the recent Tunisian revolution, and analysis about how the fate of Tunisia has enduring political relevance to its region of North Africa and the Middle East. I travelled within Tunisia during its phase of transitional regimes and just after the first elections.

** In the article I mention clashes the province of Regueb where young rebels hid inside a mosque, attempting to find shelter from a team of military police dispatched by Benali’s regime and were burned as the police opened fire. I relied on the testimonies of eye-witnesses, inhabitants of the Regueb village (near Sidi Bouzid). After the publication of my article I was approached by a Tunisian journalist from Sky News Arabia who alerted me to the possibility  that sympathizers of the Islamists who were involved in a clash with Benali’s ”S.w.a.t.-teams” inside Regueb mosque in 2003-2004, in hindsight pretended this clash and the ruins they showed were part of 2010 in order to weave an urban myth that became part of the revolution. Then and there my guides seemed certain of an incineration that had gone unreported during the revolts of 2010, and I saw no reason to disregard such eyewitness accounts in my chronicle.





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