“Latin America reduced to an Island in a Sea of CNN En Español” (Recent article in CounterPunch )

My article in CounterPunch criticizing CNN coverage and omissions on Latin America is originally part of a longer essay ”Invisible Americas.”
Emphasis here is on what goes omitted. While state terror and economic crises worsen in many countries on the subcontinent, not specifically Venezuela, CNN En Español streamlines images of Venezuelan collapse, delivering the public in other Latin American countries a spin on Thatcher’s old maxim, acronym TINA ”There Is No Alternative” but submission (to business-rule, the IMF, hedge-funds, etc.) or else starve.

Link https://www.counterpunch.org/2017/12/29/latin-america-reduced-to-an-island-called-venezuela-in-a-sea-of-cnn-en-espanol/

PostScript: I wrote the piece before the Chilean reelection of Piñera, businessman and former functionary of the Augusto Pinochet regime, who campaigned on the promise to prevent Chile’s becoming ”another Venezuela” in the most privatization-prone Andean country where CNN En Español is part of household consumption. My essay also makes no mention of Argentinean president Macri’s brutal military-police-crackdown on protestors and congressmen this December, wounding 150 demonstrators for the crime of vociferous opposition to the government’s plan to eliminate all pensions according to the IMF recipe for success, (it also happened after I wrote the piece, before publication date, among other underreported December horrors in Peru.)

*ERROR spotted after the Weekend Edition printed:    “The corruption the post-coup’s corruption went unreported by CNN En Español.” should of course be ”The post-coup corruption went unreported by


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