Visual Verse ekphrastic poetry anthology online (vol. V chapter IX)

Visual Verse’s guest-editor Richard Georges (from a blog-post from June 3)  ‘Today is Territory Day in the BVI (formerly Colony Day). Yesterday, Preti Taneja and Visual Verse published their latest issue of their ekphrastic poetry journal which I’ve curated to focus on poets from still colonized spaces. Enjoy poems from myself, Chris Astwood, and Erika Jeffers from British Overseas Territories (BVI, Bermuda, and Montserrat), Ana Portnoy Brimmer (Puerto Rico – unincorporated territory of the U.S.), and Arturo Desimone (Aruba – Territory of the Kingdom of the Netherlands). We all received an image and wrote a poem inspired by it in the space of an hour. Read our poems here and check out the intriguing past issues of this project.”

Link to Georges’  A Mixtape for Tortola

Ana Portnoy-Brimmer  ”Hear me Drown”

Erika Jeffers Talk Funny

Chris Astwood “Green Tape/ Landscape with ghosts ”

Arturo Desimone Untitled



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