About (“CV”)

Artist’s CV
Publication of my poems “Pavane” and “What the Headlines Said” with Marie Moor’s French translation and audio, in Drunken Boat issue 22 http://www.drunkenboat.com/db22/romani/arturo-desimone
A poem-interview translated by the French singer and poet Marie Moor  in La Revue des Ondes:  http://larevuedesondes.wordpress.com/2014/04/16/les-reponses-darturo-desimone/
 The poem Falasha Hooker in Tel Aviv in Jewrotica! magazine:
 The Stockholm Review of Literature, based in Scandinavia, has named my poem Poem-Haj among its nominees for the Pushcart prize of 2014. http://thestockholmreview.org/the-stagnelius-section/arturo-desimone/
 Talk from the Cylinder, my poem now on the website of The Missing Slate lit journal from Pakistan: http://themissingslate.com/2014/12/15/talk-from-the-cylinder/
On This Day, poem in Fried American: http://www.friedamerican.com/art/on-this-day/
My drawings  are between the poems and fiction in the magazine, but my artist statement for some reason was moved all the way to the contributor’s bio section.
Article criticizing the Boycott Divest Sanctions Movement and Israel- Palestine on the website of OpenDemocracy, (alternative news source for global politics and activism) This essay attempts to open a conversation on the efficacy of BDS and other external political strategies towards the conflict.https://www.opendemocracy.net/arab-awakening/arturo-desimone/critique-of-boycott-divestment-sanctions-movement-from-jewish-support
The New Delhi literary journal The Brown Critique has published my article “Untouchability, Ambedkar and Related Tensions in India’s Independence Struggle” in its September issue. Thanks to the editor Gayatri Majumdar! I first wrote the article for a seminar I was taking on religious studies at the University of Utrecht in 2010. The Brown Critique always has very excellent verse being written mostly on the Indian subcontinent today. Read it here:http://thebrowncritique.blogspot.nl/
The poem “About A Lover From Tunisia” is in the New Orleans Review’s web-features. http://www.neworleansreview.org/a-lover-from-tunisia/
An issue the British magazine Citizen32, dedicated to the workers of the mining tragedy of Tolpuddle, has two of my poems dedicated to the miners of the Turkish city of Soma. Avoid amazon and order at Lulu: http://www.lulu.com/shop/citizen-32/citizen-32-tolpuddle-special/paperback/product-12087905.html
A poem titled “I Cannot Live Here in the Nethenmark”  is in Soul-Lit: Journal for Spiritual Poetry
My poem “Travel By KLM” is in the Acentos Review’s May 2013 Anniversary Edition
A short story “A Day at Boca with Anahi” in Hamilton Stone Review: http://www.hamiltonstone.org/hsr30fiction.html#desimone
Scenes from the stage -play Tattoo Moon appeared serialized in Rosetta Literatura, a  quarterly of the University of Istanbul Press.
Tattoo Moon won the prize for drama in a small literary contest for immigrant writers in the Netherlands in 2011.  Rosetta’s facebook page is here : https://www.facebook.com/RosettaWorldLiteratura?fref=ts
In “HINCHAS DE POESIA” Pan-American bilingual literary journal, the poem “Inter-Fractalactic Occurences”
In Hinchas #9 my poem Good Morning Midnight Mass http://www.hinchasdepoesia.com/wp/poesia/good-morning-midnight-mass/
Hinchas curated an online exhibition of my drawings, the section in issue 11
is Drawn from Necessity  
Poem-series “Letters to Karl Marx” is in Counterpunch Poet’s Basement: http://www.counterpunch.org/2013/07/26/letters-to-karl-marx-by-arturo-desimone/
Use it to anger a doctrinaire or over-rigid Marxist.
Here is a link to one of my love-poems in the Buenos Aires Reader, an Argentine English literary blog/mag: http://buenosairesreader.com/2013/09/04/poemgranat/
For Rosh Hashanah, the wonderful site/magazine  JEWROTICA published my poem Tashlikh http://jewrotica.org/2013/09/tashlikh/
For a romantic Hebrew lesson, read my poem Hebrew for Beginners in Jewrotica: http://jewrotica.org/2013/04/hebrew-for-beginners/
My short short story “DANCES OF THE SOLAR OSTRICH MEN” can be read in Mobius Journal of Social Change
A series of my poems, related to love-sadness which has been a recurring them for some reason, can be read interspersed by my drawings at Horror Sleaze Trash the tasteless Australian underground web-magazine for poetry, art and pinup girls.
My essay Arab Rites of Spring as well as short creative nonfiction piece about one of my visits to Poland to see the site of Auschwitz,( Polonaise #334 http://www.unlikelystories.org/12/desimone0712.shtml )
and a forthcoming short excerpt from my novella From Low Country to Mt Athos can be read in Unlikely Stories.
Poem “PrimaPoemaNoctis” in Issue 8 of the Belleville Park Pages which is made and edited from Paris, available in UK and Paris bookstores.
You can read my poem “Stopover in Rome on the way to Buenos Aires” in The Original Van Gogh’s Ear Poetry Series blog and its ebook which should be on the cipher-marketplaces by now: http://theoriginalvangoghsearanthology.com/2013/03/16/stopover-in-rome-on-the-way-to-buenos-aires-by-arturo-desimone/
“The Noise” poem in Shotglass Journal of Short Poems http://www.musepiepress.com/shotglass/arturo_desimone1.html
En Castellano. Here is a video where I recite my poem “Age 22” in Spanish and English, participation in the project “Migrar es Cultura” of the Museo de America in Madrid http://www.migrarescultura.es/historias/video-poema/
Journalism interludes:
To know about the Argentine situation, I refer you to journalistic essays I wrote for Open Democracy (http://www.opendemocracy.net/arturo-desimone/widow-fears-coup The Widow Fears a Coup,  and Southern Pacific Review http://southernpacificreview.com/2013/11/30/a-panorama-in-brief-of-the-argentine-situation/
The Iran-related journal on activist practices, Arseh Sevom,has republished my interview with a young and fascinating dissident intellectual from Azerbaijan, together with a drawing I made as illustration. Let’s hope they will soon translate it into Farsi: http://www.arsehsevom.net/2013/11/azerbaijan-re-establishing-civil-society/
Artículo en Clarín, un cuento basado en hechos de mi vida, escrito por la periodista-ensayista Laura Ramos, “El Turista Revolucionario”: http://www.clarin.com/ciudades/turista-revolucionario_0_905309620.html


Artist’s CV of Arturo Desimone

The Conversation of Angels, short story I wrote in 2002, can be seen in the Apeiron Review Issue #1


The issue is available in pdf on the website, The Conversation of Angels begins on page 42

Poems in Wordgathering online journal:


Political essay Arab Rites of Spring http://www.unlikelystories.org/12/desimone1112.shtml

Awards so far:  2011 with a submission of scenes from my stage-play Tattoo Moon won the prize for theater writing in the El Hizjra Literatuurprijs literary contest in the Netherlands. ( El Hizjra is a literary contest mostly for young immigrant and foreign writers who live in the Netherlands. I am the first to win with a piece in the English language.)

 Translations of my poem into Dutch by Dutch pianist, conductor and writer Maria Thijssen are appearing in EX PONTO magazine as we speak. U kunt ze hier lezen:


Poetry publications

Poem ‘WAS IT YOU’ in The Brown Critique, July Issue 2011

MARCH issue, DIDO AND AENEAS accompanied by drawings.



The Brown Critique, formerly also a print journal is a literary quarterly based in India. 

Poem Women Activist’s in Tunisia, at the blog A Tunisian Girl



 poem LIKE A WARRIOR DE MAN SAID in the March issue of Small Axe Salon, the literary section of the Small Axe magazine of Caribbean Cultural Criticism 



Exhibitions of my Drawings (visual art)

Cover art drawing for Journal of Deleuze Studies, Felix Guattari in the Era of Semio-Capitalism edited by Gary Genosko

Cover art drawing for Journal of Deleuze Studies, Felix Guattari in the Era of Semio-Capitalism edited by Gary Genosko

Forthcoming is a diptych drawing I made illustrating an article on Shakespeare Studies by the scholar Bryan Reynolds in the next issue of Journal of Early Modern Cultural Studies, it hits academic English libraries in 2014

I contributed a drawing to this group exhibition in Krakow and book Index Errorum, editor/curator Kasia Wojdyla, book launch exhibition at AS Fundaja in Krakov :


First exhibit in an Amsterdam cultural center Dec-3 until February 17 2012 , www.mezrab.nl:


2011 Trinidad and Tobago Erotic Art Week 2011 , I contributed drawings and video-recordings of myself reciting poetry, the Erotic Art Week is curated

by Trinidadian dancer Dave Williams



A Rebel’s Diary: The Egyptian nude blogger Aliaah Maghda Elmahdy posted two drawings I made of her famous naked photo on the blog.

You can see them here:




A saying once quoted by Iraqi poet and singer Kathem El Saher goes: in the Arab world books were written in Egypt, printed in Lebanon and read in Iraq. These drawings were blogged from near Cairo.

MAY in May 2012 a drawing I made to accompany an essay by literary theorist Bryan Reynolds will appear in Journal of Deleuze Studies (link where to obtain the journal  




I contributed drawings and poetry to this book from India, 8teen: anthology of the best of 18 years of Brown Critique Literary Quarterly of New Delhi http://thebrowncritique.blogspot.in/p/g.html



click below to download the flyer and review by a French art- journalist on my exhibition with Manuela (EN FRANCAIS/IN FRENCH)::MAIN MAIN DP AZUL and SONGS OF DANGEROUS LOVE (4) (1) (1)


Journalism and drawings:

An article interview I wrote with a young Tunisian student demonstrator, is in Issue 2: David and Goliath of the magazine Arseh Sevom The Civil Society Zine,  a journal for activists, often related to issues of Iranian dissent. You can read it online here: http://www.arsehsevom.net/zine/?p=130

For the main page of Civil Society Zine online : http://www.arsehsevom.net/zine

The article has also been translated into Persian (Farsi)

INTERVIEW: You can read my interview with music conductor and pianist Maria Segura Thijssen in the March 2012 issue of the Kapralova Society Journal of Women in Music, on page 11.



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