Articles on politics and aesthetics.

Untranslated Fire: Francophone Responses to the Charlie Hebdo Attacks

in Europe Now Journal

The War on Memory Begins in Argentina

in Open Democracy


artículo en castellano

Portrait of the Deportation of the Artist as a Young Man

in Europe Now Portrait of the Deportation of the Artist as a Young Man

“Argentina in a Time-Warp” in Open Democracy

“The Divided Dutch-Antillean Writer (and the unifying force of translation)” in Small Axe platform for Caribbean studies

“Transmigrations of Latin American poetry into music’‘ for the Drunken Boat poetry review,  part of “Notes on a Journey to the Ever-Dying Lands” a blog-series I write for Drunken Boat Poetry Review.

“Reading the Argentinean Resistance Writer Rodolfo Walsh in the Times of Trump”

in Open Democracy translation of the Open Letter to the Military Junta, by Rodolfo Walsh with a preface. In openDemocracy (linked below)

“Read my Third World” review of an Amsterdam literary festival, in The Missing Slate literary magazine.

Master of Liquid Devices: Review of Hito Steyerl solo show at the Berlin Art Week

in Mister Motley, Netherlands-based Art Magazine

“Opening Night of the Nazim Hikmet Festival in Amsterdam”

Interview with cultural theorist Hans Abbing, in Transformation / OpenDemocracy

“Between the Naked Water and the Flower of the Iroko” book review of Josué Guébo’s ”My Country Tonight,” poetry translated by Todd Fredson for Action Books, in Drunken Boat poetry reviews’ blogs

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“Before and After Censorship” Mister Motley

“The Worlds of Dutch-Iranian Painter Atousa Bandeh Ghiasabadi” in Al’Arte Magazine

“Retro-Colonialism: The Exportation of Austerity as War Conducted by Other Means” in Counterpunch

“Praise the Runaway” in CounterPunch

“The Migration Backwards”

“The Wrong Kind of October Revolution” in CounterPunch

“Untouchability, Ambedkar and related tensions within the Indian Independence Movement” essay, philosophy and postcolonial

history, in The Brown Critique quarterly literary magazine

“The Widow Fears a Coup” in OpenDemocracy (essay about Argentina)  (reprinted in RoarMag)

“Critique of the BDS Movement from a Jewish Supporter of the Palestinian Cause”:in OpenDemocracy


Radical Thinking in the Caucasus (Interview with O )

(in OpenDemocracy)

“Article Censored by Azeri Media: Arturo Desimone’s On Orientalism” in The Balkanist

(the censorship archives of The Balkanist:

“Washington May Like ISIS, After All” article in Fried American

A page listing my suspcious activities on this Iranian online publication, “Arseh Sevom” (The Seventh Sphere)