"Older Bulgarian woman looks at a young Bulgar girl"

"Older Bulgarian woman looks at a young Bulgar girl"

The older Baba-woman in the drawing above, also dwells in one of the photographs below from my bustrip from Athens through Bulgaria to Bucharest. Try to find her and report your progress and ensuing thoughts.

   (link to youtube song of one of my favorite composers Alexander Krein piano music, a piece which well accompanies this page of the Blogito Ergo Sum, play it in the background.)

Creative Commons License
How beautiful how lovely the Bulgar by Arturo Desimone is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
Based on a work at arturoblogito.wordpress.com.


4 responses to “Bulgaria

  1. *Hint: The 2 exact duplicates of the drawing in the photoalbum are not the hidden picture of the model.


  2. Oh my lord, you took a bus to Romania in winter? You poor poor soul…


    • why am I an especially poor soul for taking the bus? Is the bus worse in winter–I knwo I hated that the television and Justin Timberlake remixes were on all night and all day and I had nauseau. I would have loved to take a train instead, if it were possible, but the Greek railworkers were striking


      • Well, because the roads are all covered in snow, and I reckon that it must not have been the most comfortable thing to be in for such a long time. That said, though, I wouldn’t be sure about using the railways either – much like in the Netherlands, we don’t do snow very well. But since this is up online, I will go so far as to presume you have made it alright. Where are you these days?


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