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The Conversion of Wally Walters by Arturo Desimone

The Neglected Ratio Journal

Betraying my Hebrew lesson, enraging old Elijahu
I looked upon a bronze Ethiopian
cross, it contained a hundred other crosses
and an optical illusion, as if the crucifix whirled
in concentric circles.
”Copernicus was an Aethiopian!” where did I hear
that Shibboleth? Not in Nazareth?
A theory that would Please
Crazed old men with toothy grin and matted hair thought significant
would respond to my Shibboleth, adding something or other
about Nazareth, maybe their color
(perhaps one rasta got really original or rhymed)
singing, smoking and most of all, muttering
from their night-perches, half-snoozing and spectral blacks on the curb
to sleep by sunup, dawn is dragged by a garbage truck
like the body of Achilles’ concubine
The writing of this by hand is a mistake, but
Erroneous is the name of a saint
who did not make it on time to the canonization,
never on time, owning a different…

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A Day in the Life of a Freelance Journalist—2013


A Day in the Life of a Freelance Journalist—2013

Here is an exchange between the Global Editor of the Atlantic Magazine and myself this afternoon attempting to solicit my professional services for an article they sought to publish after reading my story “25 Years of Slam Dunk Diplomacy: Rodman trip comes after 25 years of basketball diplomacy between U.S. and North Korea”   here at

From the Atlantic Magazine:

On Mar 4, 2013 3:27 PM, “olga khazan” <> wrote:

Hi there — I’m the global editor for the Atlantic, and I’m trying to reach Nate Thayer to see if he’d be interested in repurposing his recent basketball diplomacy post on our site.

Could someone connect me with him, please?

Olga Khazan

 From the head of NK News, who originally published the piece this morning:

Hi that piece is copy right to NK News, so…

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Report on my experience at an artist-in-residency program on the island Curaçao

Report on my experience at an artist-in-residency program in Curaçao, Uniarte/Casa Moderna


Before the opening-day. (photo by Steven Jouwersma)

Download the PDF of the report here! >>>>                       Report on my experience at an artist in residency program in Curaçao, Uniarte




Overlooking the lake of Banda Bou. Photography by Steven Jouwersma


With a curious mural at a beautiful seaside church at Westpoint, Curaçao


Drawings in the showcase window of the Casa Moderna. Titles are “Mirtos and the Swan,”My Nebuchadnezzar, Cuban phantoms, and ”Paradise as I have known it”


At the house of Roland Colastica, poet and actor after a poetry and music night held in his tamarind-yard

A lecture in the ‘events news” of the Curaçao art website  

Uniarte’s facebook page


Talking about projects, then reading two poems in Spanish on the New Day show

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Arturo Desimone

Source: Arturo Desimone

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The Divided Dutch-Antillean Writer (essay and poetry translations)

In Small Axe Salon, platform for Caribbean literature and ideas.

Recently gone ”live” in online publication, my article The Divided Dutch-Antillean Writer and the Unifying Force of Translation, and English translations I made of three of Curaçaoan poet Frank Martinus Arion’s verses from Papiamentu and from Dutch. Other manifestoes in the anthology are from Haitian and Puerto Rican writers on translation and creole languages, in the anthology published online and in print by the Caribbean-studies platform Small Axe.


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Portrait of the Deportation of the Artist as a Young Man

Link to article in the Europe Now Journal. My political-philosophical article asks whether artistic freedoms and Enlightenment values can co-exist with the conventional anti-immigration politics that have been implemented and cemented by the Centre-right and Centre-left, progressive established political elites of Europe. I use the Netherlands as an example, comparing the censorship against dadaist guerilla poetess Joke Kaviaar, and the threatened deportations of a Dutch-Iraqi poet (Rodan Al-Ghalidi) and of Indonesian concert pianist Harimada Kusuma, to more classic and conventionally accepted Cold-War examples of censorship.

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Article in CounterPunch, “Artistic Revolt Against the Progressive Vanguards”

Article in the subversive daily magazine CounterPunch, referring to my continuous struggle of “Artistic Revolt against the Progressive Vanguards” in visual and literary art spheres. These are pages ripped from a longer radical arts statement I wrote, with a water-color by Dutch-Moroccan artist Nour-Eddine Jarram, “My Flexible Friend” donated as preface.

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