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Exhibition booth/window with Kunst-traject art project in Amsterdam (group exhibition)

The Amsterdam-based art project Kunst-traject, organized by Joost Vermeulen and Annechien Verhey, provides for collective exhibitions in window showcases throughout two neighborhoods in Amsterdam. This autumn’s exhibition theme is Hospitality.

There is a street-side showcase exhibiting art works by me and by my fellow Arubian, Ray Zijlstra (see atelier Ray Zijlstra for more info) on the Van Boetzelaer street 80 in Amsterdam, as part of the collective exhibition organized by Kunsttrajectamsterdam taking place in the Staatsliederenbuurt of Amsterdam. To better locate the window holding my drawing, and Ray’s photo-collage-painting diptych,  here is a map in pdf on the website of the Kunsttraject project for those transgressing through the fog of Amsterdam in search of hospitality’s castle porticoe-entrance

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