Drawings Disegno









May she suffer. with all her props

“with all her props”  2015 Entre Ríos Argentina. Drawing, pen on paper. (dimensions: “A2” format paper)


“ascension of the Otoozaeh after earning forgiveness/illusory”


“bebiendo del río uruguay” ”nuclear family”

mixed media, format ”European A3 size”


Heartbreak-Wolf Vodu   (sold)

*(this drawing was featured in issue 6 of Abraxas: The Journal of Esoteric Studies in the UK



“The Engineering of Success”

mixed media on pink paper, A3

“Franz Schubert at age 27”

Franz Schubert a los 27. Small icon-size portrait on canvas paper. 2014 buenos aires

Self Portrait, 31years

Self-portrait at 31 years.

The War Correspondent, in midst of correspondence soothes himself with English Tea from home, despite samovar tank in his ear

“The War Correspondent George reports on a rumbling sam-o-var and the man-o-war”  2014 Buenos Aires. mixed media on A3 paper

Franz Schubert at Age 28“Franz Schubert at age 27”

Franz Schubert a los 27. Small icon-size portrait on canvas paper. 2014 buenos aires


“The Laplander who shook hands with Hitler, here seen ice skating next to the UN main offices, Ban Ki Moon inside” Amsterofdam 2014


Friends and nuisances of Call Constitución street, Buenos Aires 2012, Persian miniature/ ikon-size





A self-portrait made upon request for Clarín’s interviewer, 2012 Buenos Aires




arturoFlyer (1)

Flyer for an show with an artist-initiative, drawings by Arturo Desimone, analysis by Serbian comic-strip-philosophe Zoran Djukanovic.




From the series ”Aliaah Magda El-mahdy” published in Sukoon magazine for Arab literature in English












poster for an art initiative: rue des vertues Paris, with performance artists Manuela Centrone and Señor Viva la Muerte.







Drawings by Arturo Desimone

Dibujos de Arturo Desimone
Creative Commons-Licentie
drawings van Arturo Desimone is in licentie gegeven volgens een Creative Commons Naamsvermelding-NietCommercieel-GeenAfgeleideWerken 3.0 Unported licentie.
Gebaseerd op een werk op https://arturoblogito.wordpress.com/.
Toestemming met betrekking tot rechten die niet onder deze licentie vallen zijn beschikbaar via https://arturoblogito.wordpress.com/.

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