More Drawings (Dibujos 2)





First morning in the early third world. drawing with pen and color pencil on A2 format paper. 2013


Self portrait as Simeon Stylite. 2014


Planes de Viaje. Ink-pens, acrylic-alacrid-pens on paper, 2013 Argentina


Myrtos and the Swan.

drawing on large paper, (100x70cm)  2014 buenos aires

Image: Arturo Desimone

“I venus you” 2010, Rotterdam, pen drawing











“La tristeza termina en la Quiaca” drawing on paper


The Death of Nilüfer. Azerbaijan 2013





The poet Yasha walks to her home in Belleville, Paris at night.



les rhoms sur rue de rivoli.

Gypsies on Rivoli street in Paris.

drawing on A2 paper, 2014 Paris.


drawn after a photo from the 1980s of my father  Mario and me sitting on the beach of Aruba

After a photo of me and my father on the brach of Aruba.












further glimpses and an online exhibition of my drawings see the website

of the PanAmerican bilingual literary magazine Hinchas de Poesia, issue 11:



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