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Articles on migration and austerity

A theory on Retro-Colonialism: The Exportation of Austerity as War Continued by Other Means, is explored in my article in CounterPunch. I report as a battle-field correspondent from the Kingdom of the Netherlands :http://www.counterpunch.org/2015/10/05/retro-colonialism-the-exportation-of-austerity-as-war-by-other-means/

The article Retro-Colonialism was also listed by OpenDemocracy.net in their ”pick of the web”

Before then I wrote two articles on migration, inspired by the struggle of the refugees who traversed the mediterranean and the many barking Cerberus hounds of the Macedonian and Hungarian police states, mere dogs of the Western European powers. Praise the Runaway can be read here 

and The Migration Backwards, here. 

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The Counterpunch also published my poem-series, Letters to Karl Marx, here http://www.counterpunch.org/2013/07/26/letters-to-karl-marx-by-arturo-desimone/ 


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