Visual Art exhibitions CV

“The Range of the Eye” group exhibition, Vriend Van Bavink gallery, Raamgracht 4 location, June -October 2015, Amsterdam

“Blind Date” group exhibition at stichting DAK Gallery, Utrecht December 2014, curators Chantal Breukers and Jan Muskee.

“The Disaster of War” at Kers Gallery, September 12-October-12  2014 Amsterdam.

September- ongoing 2015 participation in Kunst-traject, a project of exhibiting in windows, in the Staatsliederenbuurt neighborhood of Amsterdam, collaboration with Ray Zijlstra.

Participation in visual artist Ji-Min Huang’s exhibition Oneindige Dingen about sight, at the Amsterdam Medical Center

“The Apocalypse of Lieberman”  Amsterdam University theater, Nieuwe Doelenstraat, August 2014

Kunst Karavaan

“The Open Draw is One” at Bart Invite’s Galley, September 2014, Amsterdam  (my artist page in the Open Draw website

“Index Errorum” group exhibition in Art and Space Gallery, Krakow, June 2012


Online exposure:

“First Morning in the Early Third World”

(2015 )and “Drawn from Necessity”(2013) online exhibition endorsed by the latino arts and poetry foundation “Hinchas de Poesia”,

“The lost Painters: Tomorrow Never Knows show-case”