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Apología del Nómade  exhibition/ residency at Residencia Corazón, Ciudad la Plata, Argentina June 2019

” Bestiary as Autobiography” my first solo exhibition, Gallery Vriend Van Bavink, Amsterdam September-November 2018 link

Participation in “Al Maken” group show of artists in Kairouan, Tunisia, October 2018

“Ritual rEvolution/ The Old School” series of group exhibitions with international artists in Bulgaria: in Pavlikeni and Sofía, September-October 2018 link

“Power and Ancestors” group exhibition in Gallery WM, March-April 2018 Amsterdam link

Tekenkabinet  Museum Waterland Purmereynd, Amstelpark Galerie Amsterdam, October-December 23 2017

Amstelveen Triënnale,  group exhibition curated by Cobra Museum, Kunstuitleen Amstelveen, Jan van der Togt museum Amstelveen June 2017

A Stolen Sea Casa Moderna residency/courtesy Uniarte foundation and Prince Bernhardt Caribbean Curaçao April-May 2017

You have Stolen my Ocean (solo) Bijlmerpark Theater Amsterdam May 2017

Plaatselijke Tijd, Kunst-Traject Amsterdam, January 2017

Macht, Vriend van Bavink Galerie,Amsterdam, February 5-March 5, 2016

“The Range of the Eye” group exhibition, Vriend Van Bavink gallery, Raamgracht 4 location, June -October 2015, Amsterdam

“Blind Date” group exhibition at stichting DAK Gallery, Utrecht December 2014, curators Chantal Breukers and Jan Muskee.

“The Disaster of War” at Kers Gallery, September 12-October-12  2014 Amsterdam.

September- ongoing 2015 participation in Kunst-traject, a project of exhibiting in windows, in the Staatsliederenbuurt neighborhood of Amsterdam, collaboration with Ray Zijlstra.

Participation in visual artist Ji-Min Huang’s exhibition Oneindige Dingen about sight, at the Amsterdam Medical Center

“The Apocalypse of Lieberman”  Amsterdam University theater, Nieuwe Doelenstraat, August 2014

Kunst Karavaan

“The Open Draw is One” at Bart Invite’s Galley, September 2014, Amsterdam  (my artist page in the Open Draw website

“Index Errorum” group exhibition in Art and Space Gallery, Krakow, June 2012

Pop-up Gallery Curaçao November 2013

Anniversary of the Open Draw, Gallery Bart Invites, Amsterdam, 2013

Collaboration with Atousa Bandeh in the video-artwork The Apology Triptych 2013-2015.

Index Errorum, A/S Galerija, Krakow Poland, June 2012

Why would you finish your work?, Iranian Cultural Centre, Amsterdam, Dec. 2011-Febr. 2012

Azul and Songs of Dangerous Love, (solo) Atelier des Vertues Paris, 2012

Erotic Art Week of Trinidad & Tobago, Port of Spain (diverse locations) June 2011



Nominated by scout Jerome Symons for Prix de Rome 2017


Power And Ancestors group exhibition Gallery WM, Amsterdam March 3- April 2018


Selected publications of drawings

in ‘’Strip-tease: visual translation of the prohibited novel by Enrique Medina,’’ Muerdemuertos publishers Buenos Aires 2018

in ‘’Intermedial Theater: Performance Philosophy’’ book by Bryan Reynolds, Palgrave 2016

Abraxas: The Journal of Esoteric Studies, vol 6 “Voodoo and Santería”, “Heart-break Wolf Vodu”

drawing ‘’Academic Yippy Conquistadors encounter with Shakespeare’s Savages’’ in “Journal of Early Modern Cultural Studies’’ collaboration with Bryan Reynolds 2014

Cover art for the Journal of Deleuze Studies, University of Edinburgh Press, March 2012

“Drawn By Necessity” and “First Morning in the Early Third World” series of drawings published

in issues of the Hinchas de Poesía, issues #11 and 14, bilingual literary magazine.

“A Rebel’s Diary’’ blog of the Egyptian nude activist Aliaah Maghda Elmahdy, 2011 (nudes of Aliaah were republished in 2016 in Sukoon literary magazine for Arab and Middle Eastern literature)


Recent poetry Festivals

Festival Internacional de Poesía de Granada Nicaragua, 2018

Encounter of young Latin American and Caribbean writers and poets, Havana, February 2017

DADA London Invasion, Horse Hospital, London, September 2016

100 Years of DADA, International Poetry Festival, Bruxelles, August 2016

International Poetry Festival, Buenos Aires, May 2016



residency at A-Dash, Athens, November-December 2017


Casa Moderna artist residency Willemstad Curaçao, courtesy of Prince Bernhard Fund for the Caribbean April 2017

Short-listed with Ji-Min Huang for the project ‘’Planetarium of the Blind’’  Crystal Ruth-Bell residency Beijing 2017 (nomination only)


Selected art criticism articles

“The artist’s manifesto in the age of dangerous managers”, Counterpunch, March 2017

“Master of Liquid DEvices: Hito Steyerl at the Berlin Art Week’’ Mister Motley, May 2016

“Untranslated Fire: Francophone Responses to the Charlie Hebdo attacks”, Europe Now Journal, February 2017

“Before and After Censorship” in Mister Motley, September 2015

“The Worlds of Iranian-Dutch painter Atousa Bandeh Ghiasabadi” in Al’Arte Mag, September 2015

Reza Ghalebi’s Farsi translation of my article on Mrs. Bandeh in

 “The Working Method of a Magician: on the theater of Enkidu Khaled’’ in Al’Arte Mag, 2016  (Enkidu Khaled’s interactive theater involves peripsaltic drawings)


Online exposure

“First Morning in the Early Third World”

(2015 )and “Drawn from Necessity”(2013) online exhibition endorsed by the latino arts and poetry foundation “Hinchas de Poesia”,

“The lost Painters: Tomorrow Never Knows show-case”

Patty Morgan website