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zealous poem

your enlightenment burns my head and itches

my prick

you zealous zealots,

I am an atheist when it comes to Pascal’s God

and I will not speak your

sacred-taught and perfectly logical language

Poem by Arturo Desimone, Netherlands October 2013

“The God of the damned cannot know the God of the damner, that is, cannot know he is God. As no Blues person can really believe emotionally in Pascal’s God, or Wittgenstein’s question, “Can the concept of God exist in a perfectly logical language?” Answer: “God don’t never change.”  -Amiri Baraka, from the essay Expressive Language 1963 (see

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Migrar es cultura (Spanish and English)

made this video to participate in the project ”Migrar es Cultura” “Migration is Culture,” project  related to the Museo de  America of Madrid.

Este video es mi participación en el proyecto Migrar es Cultura que hace el Museo de America en Madrid, hablo un poco de mis migraciones y leo una traducción de mi poema del inglés al castellano, y el poema en inglés (todas las poemas para Migrar es Cultura tienen que ser max. 6 versos)

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November 9, 2013 · 9:25 am

nonkoan | amoral

Courage and Love are amoral. 
Passion, Desire, Transcendence are amoral.

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