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Poem I wrote while my other hand-eye read Jean Genet

from jg
that squealer queerer
answerer ghoul birdfaced,
buffoon of quandaries
from soul-brigade
that rat,
that squanderer
hides-squeezing a sphinx into dark
invisibility his ass
 a conjurer of mysteries
he is equal to
a bird that eats carrion fish
sings carrion
fish from boats of Barbary lined with
white walls of prisons
guarding the sea from the thieves who would steal turquoise
cannon birds, noble swine and turquoise stone
are not meant to be eaten
by the laws
of the priests who pray law into sunlit air
of dead crossroads
hoodlums’ holy halakha

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cynicism is not subversion. It is cynical to make the confusion of these two, the error is always intentional. 


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June 19, 2014 · 11:03 pm





Brevísimo diccionario de una impostura

Por Avelina Lésper

Nunca estará de más cuestionar el mal arte, o anti-arte, como lo llama la autora de este implacable diccionario que desnuda imposturas, ideas y actitudes que se han incrustado en el ámbito del arte contemporáneo.

© Martin Creed

Arte burgués.— Es un anti-arte burgués y ocioso que desprecia el trabajo. Artistas que no trabajan, no estudian, no hacen. Roban, copian, designan, sobrevalúan sus objetos por un capricho de la moda, exaltan el consumismo. Es el gran elogio a la decadencia del capitalismo.

Arte conceptual o contemporáneo.—Las obras a las que se denomina arte contemporáneo son conceptuales porque en todas son las ideas y el discurso el único peso intelectual que poseen, y es el concepto lo que les da sentido como arte. La acepción cronológica, al ser siempre inestable, es inexacta. Cualquier obra —desde el ready made…

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thoughts for the day

A blog is a public diary, a diary cruelly ripped open, exposed and nailed to a cedar for the passing villagers to read out loud.



Numbness and the normalcy of decadence, a decadence that is also too numb and terrified to be wildly cruel or amoral, is worse than the cruelties of war: it is the order that comes into existence after the greater cruelty has already treated the world as a slate that can be started anew, after the intensification of a violence perpetrated by lies, by a military, bureaucracies on tank-wheels and the right and careful engineering and funding.




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